Case Studies

Brisol-Myers_Squibb Implemented a data archival strategy and system using SAP ILM suite of products to streamline and speed critical processes ranging from business continuity protection to storage infrastructure consolidation.
Berlex Conducted analysis, planning, architecture, and delivery of business intelligence customer data integration technology initiatives for measuring the consolidation accuracy of the client’s customer information management system.
Novo Nordisk Provided pharmaceutical business domain expertise for sales reporting, leading to better decision making related to the effectiveness of sales compensation programs.
Dean helath Systems Planned, designed, architected, and developed data infrastructure, architecture, recovery, and ETL programs to deliver efficient data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for premium billing reconciliation program used by the finance department.
Geico Designed and implemented a quality assurance strategy to test web-enabled, mainframe, and client server applications.
Fidelity Investments Implemented a messaging architecture using the TIBCO suite of products to enhance information sharing between disparate environments.
HSBC Mentored and trained business and IT department to effectively analyze customer patterns using business intelligence.
Del Architected, designed, and developed a corporate data warehouse to capture customer information from disparate sources, which allowed the client to identify trends.
Wyndham Resorts Provided subject matter expertise in data warehousing, quality assurance, and business analysis of enterprise applications.
HP Provided subject matter and technical expertise for ERP and data warehousing applications, as well as enterprise infrastructure and quality assurance.
IBM Provided dedicated contingency staff support for ERP, CRM, data warehousing, enterprise architecture, enterprise infrastructure, quality assurance, client server, portals, and content management solutions.
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