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TLC: The Blueprint for Delivering an Exceptional Contingent Worker Experience

Making sure your suppliers deliver an exceptional experience to contingent workers throughout the entire assignment lifecycle is not only critical to your client’s employment brand, but to your ability to attract, retain and engage the very best freelance talent as a managed service provider (MSP). Here’s why the employee experience matters. According to the latest […]

Elements of an Effective Social Media Strategy for Contingent Workforce Programs

With social media playing an increasingly important role in the attraction, recruitment and engagement of contingent talent, it’s no wonder that many MSPs now consider social strategies when evaluating potential staffing partners. After all, an MSP is only as good as the quantity and quality of professionals it can deliver to line managers quickly and […]

Risk vs. Reward: Should Host Employers Use Perks to Attract Flexible Workers?

With the unemployment rate for college educated workers hovering around 2 percent and time to hire increasing, many host employers are tossing aside their co-employment fears and offering contingent workers some of the same lavish perks provided to regular staffers. They believe that providing free lunches, corporate discount programs and concierge services enhances their ability […]

Incorporating Sexual Harassment Prevention Into Your Contingent Workforce Program

The flood of high-profile sexual harassment allegations in recent weeks is not only disturbing, they remind us that staffing firms, MSPs and their clients must work together and present a united front to prevent offensive behaviors in the workplace. As the employer of record, staffing firms are responsible for training their contingent workers, however some […]

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Tenure Limits for Contingent Workers


You may remember back in 2000 when thousands of long-term contractors sued Microsoft, alleging they deserved the same benefits as regular workers. The technology giant agreed to pay $97 million to settle the class-action lawsuit. Since then, many companies hoping to avoid the same fate have relied on term limits for contingent workers to protect […]

Surefire Ways to Engage Line Managers in Contingent Staffing Programs


Line managers play a central role in the success of contingent staffing programs. Without a constant flow of communication between staffing buyers, suppliers and hiring managers, interviews can drag on, feedback is hard to get and top contractors with in-demand skills can get lost in the shuffle. In fact, research by Bersin by Deloitte found […]

Putting Quality First When Sourcing Contract Workers


When it comes to contingent staffing, most companies tend to favor suppliers who submit candidates fast. While there’s no doubt that a timely response is important when you’re competing for top talent, an analysis from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute reveals that staffing buyers and hiring managers need to manage the trade-off between time to […]

Discover the Secret Sauce of Quality Service Delivery


From the viewpoint of staffing buyers and hiring managers, nothing is more important than the delivery of consistent, high-quality service throughout the requisition fulfillment process. Receiving regular updates on open orders, being assisted and advised by competent and conscientious staffing agency personnel, and having well-defined delivery processes not only benefits HR and hiring managers, it […]