Corporate Social Responsibility

eTeam recognizes our collective responsibility to protect our planet and strive to fulfill our environmental obligations by being responsible corporate citizens. eTeam is committed to a policy of preservation, conservation and waste reduction on a company-wide, community-wide and worldwide scale. Although, as a service organization, our environmental impact is slight when compared to manufacturing industries, it is our social responsibility to implement sustainable business practices protecting our environment.

eTeam’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is driven by the firm’s leadership team and is communicated and embraced at all levels of our global delivery organizations to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Included in our new employee on-boarding process is a review of our Corporate Social Responsibility statement and an orientation to increase employee workplace health, safety and environmental awareness.
  • We optimize energy utilization at all of our global locations through policies established to drive efficient, cost‐effective, and environmentally responsible energy to reduce costs and maintain competitive prices.
  • We are a diverse workplace environment that represents virtually every race, national origin, religion, culture, custom, political philosophy, and language. We have demonstrated our commitment to human dignity, human rights, and fairness in our employment practices, non-discrimination policies, minimum age requirements, fair compensation policies, and our policies on health, safety, and security for our employees. We communicate our support for these issues in our Code of Business Conduct.
  • We continually engage with our employees, customers, and key stakeholder as we believe engagement helps us learn from one another while building strong relationships. We will work with all parties to give back to communities and participate in each other’s social responsibility causes.
  • eTeam’s supply chain sustainability policy affirms that certified diverse suppliers are provided the maximum opportunity to participate in providing products and services to the firm and that all suppliers comply with and share and values and standards. While we do not have direct control over our suppliers environmental footprint, we do solicit and engage suppliers whom share our values and standards
  • Accepting social responsibility for our services begins with solution design, delivery and the application of repeatable processes. Our ISO compliant continuous improvement environment strives to identify alternate process designs and methods which increase throughput.
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